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The Bird protection project on Madagascar

Rainforest / Paddy fields / Aye-Aye / Indri (clockwise)

The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar, separated from the African continent many million years ago. During this period of isolation a completely new, independant animal and plant world developed which can only be found on the island. Today, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. The steadily increasing population is forced more and more to convert natural habitats into farming areas for rice fields, the main food source on the island. For this reason, very rare animals and plants are being deprived of their natural habitats at a terrible rate, causing the imminent extinction of many species within the next few years.

Bird conservation project in Antananarive /

Together with the Madagascan Antananarive Zoo, zoological gardens throughout the world are carrying out a rescue operation by purchasing the remains of forests, supporting reforestation programmes, as well as helping to set up groups to aid breeding in captivity. Since 2001 both the Wuppertal Zoo Society and the Wuppertal Zoo have been assisting a bird protection project on Madagascar coordinated by the Vogelpark Walsrode Fonds e.V.

Highland rainforest / Crested Wood Ibis / Madagascar Teal / Crested Coua (clockwise)

Not only are the birds kept under observation in the last highland rainforest of the island, but the young birds are also caught to ensure that breeding numbers increase in the wild before the species is irreversibly extinct. The Wuppertal Zoo is involved in this breeding programme and has several of the very rare Madagascan bird species in a special aviary near the managerial office.

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