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The outdoor enclosure for Orangutans (2003)

Impressions of the orangutan enclosure

The new outdoor enclosure for the Orangutans is the largest project carried out by the Zoo Society to date. Over one million euros have been spent to create this modern enclosure which closely resembles their natural environment. The Orangutans have 600 sqm of trees and ropes that provide an extensive range of climbing possibilities. Thickly planted with bamboo and bush and laid out over hills and cliffs there are many places to withdraw and rest. There is even a cave for protection and a small creek. To provide the feeling of a natural habitat, the enclosure's outer walls were designed as an artificial rock wall.

Rock cave and observation deck

There are different ways for visitors to get a fascinating glimpse into the barless enclosure - these include viewing from inside a rock cave and from an observation platform. You can encounter the animals from the large observation windows at "just a hand's stretch away". As an addition to the ape house opened in 1978 the outdoor area offers visitors a new and interesting view of the way Orangutans live. At the same time they are made aware of the endangered rain forests and its inhabitants. The orangutan outdoor enclosure was ceremonially opened on 12 July 2003.

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