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A new enclosure for the African Penguin (2005)

African penguin enclosure

The Wuppertal Zoo has cared for the African Penguins for decades. Together with the King Penguins they have long been living in the penguin enclosure donated by the Zoo Society in 1971. When the Zoo celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005 the Zoo Society presented a new penguin enclosure as a gift worth € 825,000.

African penguin enclosure

Resembling a part of the South African shoreline of the Cape peninsula the new enclosure represents the natural habitat of the African Penguin. Zoo visitors can observe the Penguins both above and under water. The three large underwater observation windows provide a view of their sea habitat where the Penguins spend most of their life. It is also possible to see a part of their nesting area. Some 20 breeding pairs of this very endangered Penguin are cared for here.

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