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Wuppertal Zoo now 125 years old (2006)

Outdoor enclosure for gorillas

The Wuppertal Zoo turned 125 years old on the 8 September 2006. On 19 May, in the year of its anniversary, the fully redesigned and extended outdoor enclosure for Gorillas was re-opened. Similar to the orangutan area opened in 2003, this enclosure gives its inhabitants 525 sqm of natural surroundings. It has a small stream, grassy areas, trees and bushes, artificial rocky areas and extensive areas to climb. Separated only by a 4 cm thick panzer glass window, Zoo visitors can watch the Gorillas close up and take part in their peaceful family life.


The outdoor enclosure for the Drill Baboons was completed just in time for the public holiday, Whitsun, on June 2. The Rainforest Baboons which are now very rare in their natural habitat in West Africa could then move into their large, new enclosure in the old ape house.

Initiated and organised by the Wuppertal Zoo Society the Pinguinale 2006 provided the right occasion to celebrate the zoo's "birthday" and was celebrated by Wuppertal, its residents and its companies. On 1 April 2006 brightly coloured plastic penguins, financed by enthusiastic penguin sponsors, were exhibited throughout Wuppertal. On 19 August a long parade organized by the penguin sponsors, and watched by more than 50,000 spectators, placed them in the Zoo where they remained for 8 weeks as a part of the birthday celebrations. On 15 October the penguins left the Zoo again and returned to their owners. Some of them enrich the City of Wuppertal even today.

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