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Little penguins or Blue penguins enclosure (2011)

Feeding the Blue Penguins in their new enclosure

In July the Blue Penguins arrived at the Wuppertal Zoo from Australia. At present they are the only ones in Europe. The acquisition of these Blue Penguins was made possible by the Wuppertal Zoo Society. They came from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, which specialises in breeding and care.

Blue Penguins in front of a nesting burrow

The former temporary King Penguin Enclosure, in which the Blue Penguins were housed during the construction of the new King Penguin Enclosure was converted and adapted to the requirements of the new inhabitants. The conversion was financed by the Wuppertal Zoo Society.

Blue Penguins in their new enclosure

Blue Penguins originate from the south coasts of Australia and New Zealand. They are by far the smallest members of the penguin family. They breed in pairs in burrows which they dig themselves. During the day they are very timid and shy.

On July 16, 2011 the Blue Penguin enclosure was officially inaugurated in the presence of Mayor Peter Jung and many members of the Zoo Society.

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