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Research and conservation of Penguins

Accompanying the construction of the new King penguin enclosure the Zoo Society is supporting the Antarctic Research Trust, which carries out research and conservation projects for Penguins in the south-west Atlantic and along the South American coastline.

  • Gentoo Penguin
  • Young King Penguin with a transmitter
  • Rockhopper Penguin

The research mainly focusses on the diet and feeding grounds of Penguins, whose populations have drastically reduced in numbers over the last decades. With the help of remote sensory equipment (satellite transmitters) penguin movements can be measured, such as where and when the animals search for food and how deep they dive. This scientific research will help to better protect the severely endangered Penguins and their habitat from human activities (e.g. fishing, oil pollution). The knowledge gained by this research will be made available not only to scientific circles and to the media, but also to the responsible governmental authorities and environmental organisations.


Migration of young King Penguins (satellite picture)
  • Island group: Sea Lion Islands south of the Falkland Islands
  • View of Brandy Island, in the background Whiskey Island and Sea Lion Easterly

In 2004 the Antarctic Research Trust acquired four small isolated islands (Rum, Brandy, Whiskey, and Sea Lion Easterly) of the Sea Lion Islands group to the south of the Falklands. Previously uninhabited and unfarmed they provide a protective retreat for the original flora and fauna of the Falkland Islands. The second-largest Sea Elephant colony in the Falklands can be found on Sea Lion Easterly. Thanks to the support of the Zoo Society, now a co-founder of the nature reserve on the group of islands, 1000 m2 of Sea Lion Easterly is now under lasting protection.  

  • Sea Lion Easterly nature reserve co-founder certificate
  • Sponsorship certificate for "Carlo" the Humboldt Penguin

Additionally in 2009 the Zoo Society became sponsor of "Carlo" a Humboldt Penguin who was equipped with a satellite transmitter. His migration along the South American coastline can be followed on a daily basis. For further information on this project please click here: Humboldtpinguin "Carlo".

In April 2009 Dr. Klemens Pütz, Scientific Director of the Antarctic Research Trust,  held a lecture on Penguins and the work done by the Antarctic Research Trust.

For further information about the Antarctic Research Trust please click on

You can find the Antarctic Research Trust newsletter as a pdf here:

Newsletter 4-2008


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