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  • Klaus J. Burandt painting the rhinoceros
  • Left side
  • Right side

From October 2007 until October 2009 the Schwerin Zoo will be organizing the Claramanie, an animal parade with colourfully designed plastic Rhinoceroses. Inspired by the PINGUINALE 2006, Wuppertal's twin city, Schwerin, also participated with its own penguin. The proceeds from the Claramanie will go towards the construction of a new rhinoceros enclosure at the Schwerin Zoo.

The Wuppertal Zoo Society will participate with its own rhinoceros in the Claramanie. The famous Wuppertal artist Klaus J. Burandt, who attended school for some time in Schwerin, designed it to include themes from the partner cities Wuppertal and Schwerin.

As with the participation of Schwerin in the Wuppertal Pinguinale, the involvement of the Zoo Society in the Claramanie is an expression of the bond between both cities and the spirit of their partnership.

  • Impressions of the rhinoceros parade
  • Impressions of the rhinoceros parade
  • Impressions of the rhinoceros parade

On 3 October 2007 the Claramanie began with a large rhinoceros parade through the city of Schwerin. On this day Schwerin arranged the central festivities to fit in with German Reunification Day. After the parade the Wuppertal rhinoceros was presented at the butchers' market in the city centre together with many colourful companions.

In 2008 the Claramanie rhinoceroses were placed in and around the city of Schwerin. They were then positioned at the Schwerin Zoo with a proper ceremony in September 2008 to celebrate the rhinoceroses moving into their new enclosure where they remained until April 2009. Thereafter, they were displayed at the Federal Horticultural Exhibition 2009 until the end of the Claramanie.


The "Wuppertal rhinoceros" has already been in the Schwerin press. Read about it here: Press article in the Schweriner Volkszeitung dated 8 November 2007.

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