Lions and Tigers

New enclosures for Lions and Tigers

  • Lions' enclosure
  • Valley of the Tigers

On May 24 2007 the Wuppertal Zoo opened the extended grounds with new enclosures for the Siberian Tiger and the African Lion.  The extension was a measure of the "Regionale 2006" that was promoted by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, as was the new entrance building, the Samba bike path and the forecourt at the stadium. The building costs for all sites, including a bridge over the Zoo grounds, amounted to approximately 11.5 million euros.

The largest lion enclosure in a German zoo

  • Lions in the new enclosure
  • Lions on the observation point

The new lion enclosure at the Wuppertal Zoo is the largest ever built at a German zoo. With a surface area of 1 hectare, this enclosure offers the Lions an impressive home resembling an adapted African prairie with weathered rock formations. Visitors have a magnificent and surprising view of the enclosure. They can, for example, view the entire enclosure from the observation tower or peek out between the rocks in the underground tunnel which extends out to the middle of the enclosure. A "visitor's cave" as well as a smaller outdoor enclosure allows the public to watch the lions being fed.

A valley for tigers

  • Siberian Tiger
  • Siberian Tiger

The Siberian Tigers, the largest tiger subspecies, live in new enclosures in the valley of the tigers. Surrounded by artificial rock formations, the new enclosures provide the Tigers with a life-like habitat with shrubs, trees and a stream trickling through the largest of the two enclosures. Watering holes offer the Tigers the possibility to bathe and swim. Large observation windows provide several views into the new enclosures.

Tiger offspring


On 22 August 2010, "Mymoza", a young Lion female, who arrived from Moscow in 2007, gave birth to her first baby. The small "Tschuna", who was bottle fed by the keepers, quickly became the public’s darling. "Tschuna's" father is "Wassja" and came from the Schwerin zoo to Wuppertal.
On 27 October 2010 the young Sumatra Tiger "Daseep", born on 10 September 2010 at the Frankfurt zoo, came to keep them company. Both zoos are aiming for the young Tigers to learn normal social behavior. They will remain together for about a year and will then be sent to other zoological gardens within the framework of the European breeding conservation programme. Both are genetically important for further breeding of the nearly extinct tigers.

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