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Penguin No. 1

The Zoo Society organised the PINGUINALE 2006 to celebrate the Zoo's 125th anniversary.


Two hundred cheerfully painted, 1.8 metre-high plastic penguins populated Wuppertal and the region from 1 April onwards. 175 sponsors, so-called "Penguinists" acquired the penguins and had them individually designed. On 19 August the penguins were taken to the Zoo by suspension railway (Schwebebahn) in a parade accompanied by nearly 50,000 people. The penguins stayed for the birthday gathering for eight weeks in the Zoo. Afterwards they returned to their owners, "the Penguinists". Many of them continue to enrich the City of Wuppertal even today.

City marketing prize (Stadtmarketingpreis 2006)

The 2006 Pinguinale was one of the largest publicity campaigns in Wuppertal and a complete success. Thanks to the PINGUINALE 2006 and their commitment to the Zoo for over 50 years the Zoo Society received the city's marketing prize for 2006.


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