Bumblebee school

Topics of interest

Bears in the Zoo – as cuddly as our teddy bears?
Comparing polar bears and brown bears.


Why does the elephant have a trunk?
Get to know the biological characteristics of the elephants.


Climb like a monkey?
Compare the different primates species with each other and with us.


The animal 'King' an his pride
See razar-sharp claws and razar-sharp teeth at tiger & co.

Lions, tigers and other cats


Birds that fly through water?!
"Sea" and "lion"- what’s the connection? How do these fit together?
Penguins and seals – ideally suited to living in water.

What do tapirs and Poison Dart frogs have in common?
A meeting with animals from the world's rain forests.


Snake sloughing – what's that?
Snakes and their relatives (only in the winter months)


Looking at the Zoo through Mowgli's eyes
Experience the animals from the "Jungle Book"


Do animals also have a nursery?
Observing young animals

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