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Save the Drill


As one of only four zoos in Germany the Wuppertal Zoo cares for the very rare and endangered Drills from the Central African rain forests. These impressive Baboons living in ancient rain forests are gravely endangered because of the destruction of their natural environment as well as being hunted and sold as bushmeat. The Zoo is participating in an international breeding programme for the Drill.

Logo "Rettet den Drill e.V."

Both the Zoo and the Wuppertal Zoo Society support the "Save the Drill Association" (Rettet den Drill e.V.). You can receive information about the Drill from this Association and why this very striking Baboon species is in a life-threatening situation. There are large information boards located at the newly modelled Drill enclosure which were designed by the "Save the Drill" Association to inform the Wuppertal Zoo visitors about this relatively unknown Monkey species and their precarious situation. Wuppertal was the first Zoo to purchase and display these information boards.

Threatening male Drill (Foto: Cyril Ruoso)

Since 1993 the "Save the Drill" Association has been supporting the PANDRILLUS project – a rehabilitation clinic and breeding center in Calabar and the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in the West African Cross River state in Nigeria. The station was founded in 1991 and is in the meantime the largest employer in the south east region of Nigeria close to the Cameroon border. Young orphaned Drills grow up with other Baboons in large enclosures to be later released in the rain forest. Another important aspect is the inclusion and education of local inhabitants: Former poachers can now earn their living as game wardens, animal keepers or tradesmen, or work in the reserves as guides.

Further information about this project is available at "Save the Drill"

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