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Kodiak bear enclosure redesigned (2004)

"Henry" and "Mabel"

On 8 October 2004 the Kodiak bear enclosure was re-opened after being completely redesigned. The bathing pool has been relocated to ensure easier viewing, the soil completely replaced and newly planted and the embankment made more secure. Zoo visitors can watch the Kodiak Bears through a 4 cm thick glass window in a sheltered area. An observation tower on the visitors' platform has long been in use by children. The renovations lasted around half a year.

Pool in the house for Central American Tapirs

The public were presented with the new outdoor enclosure for the Central American Tapirs in May 2007. This is located on the former hippopotamus enclosure, previously the old elephant house. With the exception of the old elephant pool, the renovations to convert the old elephant house to the tapir house have been completed.

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