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African Penguins and Elephant babies (2005)

African Penguins in their enclosure

In 2005 the Zoo Society had its 50th jubilee and presented the Zoo with a new penguin enclosure. Designed to resemble their natural habitat along the south African coast, the enclosure provides the African Penguins with a new home. The three large underwater windows allow visitors to watch the Penguins swimming and diving. The enclosure was officially opened in 2006 due to technical difficulties with the underwater windows.

The new African Penguin enclosure is the first step towards improving the situation for the penguins. The King Penguins will no longer have to share a penguin house with the African Penguins after 2008 as they too will move into a newly built enclosure.

Bongi und Kibo

A highlight to the live stock was the birth of the first two African Elephants in the Wuppertal Zoo in 2005. Born on 3 June, "Bongi", the young female was the first African Elephant ever born in North Rhine-Westphalia. On 9 October her half-brother, "Kibo" was born. Both Elephants quickly became favourites for the zoo visitors.


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