Zoo education

Experience and understand the animals

The Zoo educators have made it their mission to present the wide range of interesting animals at the Wuppertal Zoo for biology lessons. The main focus is on live animals. This enables children and teenagers to develop their understanding of the biological connections by direct experience and observation.

25 Years Zoo School

In 2009 the Zoo school celebrated its 25th year of existence. The brochure From the Zoo School to the Zoo Education Centre published on this occasion can be obtained at the Zoo school and at the Wuppertal zoological gardens, or it can be downloaded here as a PDF file (only available in German).

Zoo Safari

With the Zoo Safari you can take a tour of the Zoo on your own and try to answer intriguing questions about the animals. The Zoo Safari with answer sheet is available at the Zoo checkout for 20 €cents a copy or can be downloaded here as a free PDF file (only available in German).

Zoo Safari 2013

Zoo Safari 2013 answers


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