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Wuppertal Zoo Society (Zoo-Verein Wuppertal e.V.)


By financing new buildings and enclosures at the Zoo, the Wuppertal Zoo Society is helping to make the Zoo more attractive. In addition, the Zoo Society also initiates other projects enabling the Zoo to reach the broad public.

Buildings and enclosures

Numerous buildings and enclosures at the Wuppertal Zoo have been built over the years with the support of the Wuppertal Zoo Society:

1966   Gibbon house

1971   Penguin enclosure

1981   Beaver enclosure 

1981   Deer house 

1985   Monkey house outdoor enclosure 

1985   Zoo school

1993   Free flight aviary for Tropical Birds

2003   Outdoor enclosure for Orangutans

2005   Enclosure for African Penguins 

2007   Temporary enclosure for King Penguins

2008   King penguin enclosure

2011   Little penguin or blue penguin enclosure

2011   Okapi enclosure

Other projects

In 2006 the Zoo Society launched  the PINGUINALE 2006 marking the Zoo's 125th anniversary with a huge animal parade.

In 2007 the Zoo Society organised a charity concert for the conservation of endangered species (Benefizkonzert für den Artenschutz) at the historic town hall .

From 2007 - 2009 the Zoo Society participated in the Claramanie in Schwerin,  Wuppertal's partner city.

In 2010/2011 the Zoo Society held the lottery Ein Otmar Alt für 5 Euro.

And in the future?

Together with the Zoo's management we are constantly developing new ideas to make the Zoo better and more attractive for its visitors and inhabitants. For this reason we need your support. Please help us with your donation and become a member of the Wuppertal Zoo Society!

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