Logo des Zoo-Verein Wuppertal e.V.

Wuppertal Zoo Society (Zoo-Verein Wuppertal e.V.)

The Wuppertal Zoo Society is comprised of a group of people involved in supporting and sponsoring the Zoo. Since 1955 it has provided significant support for the construction of new buildings and enclosures through its membership fees and donations. Furthermore, the Society facilitates research projects at the Zoo as well as conservation and preservation projects in the field to protect endangered species. Information concerning their work is available on the following pages:

The Society – general information about the Wuppertal Zoo Society
Projects – buildings, enclosures and other projects

Nature Conservation – species protection and nature conservation projects at the Zoo and in the field

Events – calendar of events for members of the Zoo Society

Travel – information on day trips and longer tours

Zoo shop - souvenir shop at the main entrance

Pinguinal – the Wuppertal Zoo Society magazine

Membership – membership form for the Zoo Society - download as a PDF file

Contact – contact address and telephone number


City Marketing Prize of the Year 2006

City marketing prize of the year (Stadtmarketingpreis 2006)

In 2006 the Wuppertal Zoo Society received a "Wuppertal Business Image Prize" (Wuppertaler Wirtschaftspreis) in the category "City Marketing Prize of the Year" (Stadtmarketingpreis des Jahres) for their 50 years of commitment to the Zoo and the PINGUINALE 2006.

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