Experience the Zoo

Evening tours

What do the animals in a zoo actually do at night? Which animals are already asleep, which ones are still awake? Which animals are outdoors at night, which ones are indoors? Answers to these questions and more are provided during a picturesque evening tour when the Zoo is closed – an extremely special experience!


Dates for public evening tours can be found under Events.

Individual evening tours

Individual bookings can be made for groups interested in evening tours of the Zoo after hours and commence at closing time.  Appointments are only possible during weekdays. The use of flashlights, etc. in the Zoo is not permitted. Participation in the tour as it becomes, or is dark, is at your own risk.


Taking approx. 1.5  hours, up to 25 persons
Cost: € 250 plus entrance fee


Information and reservations

We are very happy to answer your inquiries:

Telephone: + 49 (0) 202 / 563 3662 or 563 3645
Email: erlebnis(at)

Due to frequent inquiries, please contact us early - at least 14 days in advance of your desired appointment!


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