Sponsoring animals

Adopt your favourite animal!


By sponsoring an animal you are assisting the Zoo to meet a wide range of tasks and objectives.

You can take over the sponsorship of any of our animals. The amount depends on the species and ranges between € 75 - 3000 per year.  Simply have a look at our list "Costs for animal sponsorship". If you can not find the animal you prefer feel free to ask us.


Sponsorship of an animal is for one year and can be extended at any time. The money from sponsoring is used to make additional acquisitions and carry out activities which the Zoo would be unable to afford without this support. This benefits both the animals and our visitors. An application form for animal sponsorship can be printed, filled in and sent to us.

Golden-headed Lion Tamarin

By sponsoring an animal you are symbolically supporting the animal you choose. Animal sponsorships are seen as donations. As sponsor you receive a sponsorship certificate, which can be used as confirmation of your donation for tax relief, and an invitiation to attend our annual sponsors' meeting. 

Further informationen can be obtained from patenschaften(at) or by telephone +49 (0) 202/563-3645 as well as at the Zoo entrance.

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