Tapir offspring


Universally unique

You can also watch our Tapirs swimming underwater using the observation windows – this fascinating event can be regularly experienced in our tapir house. Known as the Central American or Baird's Tapir,  the only kind of their species in Europe, they are good swimmers and divers. As they live alone in the wild they often bathe unaccompanied here in the Zoo.

Central American Tapirs enjoying life, Swimming pool in the tapir house
  • Tapir offspring "Susanna"
  • Tapir offspring "Chico"
  • Tapir offspring "Moli" with his mother "Tanya"

On 25 May 1998 the first Middle American Tapir was born at our Zoo – a first for Europe. "Tanya" and "Tonka", who come from zoological gardens in the USA, are the proud parents of little "Susanna".


"Chico", "Susanna's" firstborn, came into the world in 2006 at the Wuppertal Zoo and now lives in Berlin.


Susanna's mother "Tanya" also had a baby in 2006, a Tapir boy called "Moli". He has now resettled at the Cottbus animal park. In 2009 "Susanna" had "Bonita" her second baby.


The young animals are an important contribution to the breeding conservation programme as this is a highly endangered species in their native country due to hunting and habitat destruction.

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