Predatory Cats

A feeling for wild hunters

Lion, Tiger; Siberian Lynx

Breeding and keeping Predatory Cats requires a lot of skill and knowledge, so we are very proud of the fact that we have managed to raise many species of the cats that are difficult to breed! You will recognise most of the cats immediately: the male Lion (photo on left) can be identified by his mane, the Tiger (photo on right) by the stripes. But do you know the animal with the "paint brush" ears? This is a Siberian Lynx, an extremely difficult animal to research in the wild. We are delighted that the scientists at the University of Düsseldorf were able to gain new knowledge about Siberian Lynxes using our group of animals. This data will aid the process of reintroducing Lynxes to Middle Europe.

Do you want to learn how to speak "cat"?

Cats have extremely sensitive hearing. A loud "Hello pussycat!" sounds like a yell to them. Cats say "hi" secretly with a very quiet and nearly motionless winking of the eye. Try it next time you are visiting the cat house!

Well camouflaged

Snow Leopard, Leopard; Cheetah

Their spots are their camouflage when they go hunting: The Snow Leopard (photo on left) only needs a fine sprinkle, the Leopard (photo on right) needs strong black-yellow colouring. A Cheetah (photo at bottom) is virtually invisible in the savanna grass. Come, visit us, have a look and convince yourself!

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