Great Apes

Orangutans in their new outdoor enclosure

We can go out now...

... into our new outdoor enclosure! The new outdoor enclosure for the Orangutans was opened in July 2003. Trees, ropes and heavily planted areas of bamboo and bush provide the animals with numerous climbing and resting places covering 600 square metres. A rock cave and an observation platform for visitors have been integrated into the artificially created rock walls which serve as boundaries for the enclosure. Through observation windows you have the most fantastic view of the Orangutans – so close, you are almost with them!

Orangutan, Chimpanzee, Bonobo with offspring, and Gorilla

How human!

You might think this to yourself while watching the Great Apes through the large glass windows. In our great ape house you can find all four large Apes under one roof. We not only have Orangutans from South East Asia, but there are also Bonobos from the Congo basin rainforests and their close relatives the Chimpanzees from the central African rainforests and savannas. Likewise, Gorillas from the rainforests in Africa are also in residence. The Great Apes still living in the wild are under serious threat of extinction because they are still being hunted and their natural environments are being destroyed through logging.

Bonobos or Pygmy Chimpanzees

Family groups

A Bonobo mother is cuddling her young in a  "nest" which, incidentally, all Great Apes build. Also called Pygmy Chimpanzees, Bonobos live in large, closely knit family groups. This ape species, as shown above, is a rarity in zoos. For this reason we are especially delighted when more and more babies are born here.

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