Nearly 5000 animals from every continent live in the Wuppertal Zoo. As a result it is impossible to show them all here. But, we have created very special environments for the most important animals that we would like to introduce:

Predatory Cats

Leopard's eyes

Eye to eye: at our Zoo you can see Tiger and Co. right up close. A main focus at the Wuppertal Zoo is the preservation and breeding of large and small members of the Cat family.
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Lions und Tigers

African Lion

Impressive: Not only a new enclosure for the Siberian Tigers but also the largest lion enclosure ever built in a German zoo opened on the extended grounds of the Wuppertal Zoo in 2007.

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Black Spider Monkeys

Monkeys with glasses, beards or a prehensile tail: Be amazed about the diversity of a monkey's life. Meeting our Monkeys will certainly be a moving experience!

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Great Apes


A fantastic insight into the world of the Great Apes can be found at our new outdoor enclosures for Orangutans and Gorillas. Also admire our Chimpanzees and Bonobos in the Great Ape house– you'll be surprised at just how alike we are!

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Young Elephants Bongi und Kibo

There's lots of room to play: Our African Elephants live in one of the most modern enclosures which is more than 4000 square metres large. It's a really special experience to meet these large grey giants.  Of course the young Elephants are a favourite amongst visitors!     
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Central American Tapir swimming

Tapirs under water: Our Tapirs love bathing regularly – and you can watch them doing so. Through a special observation window you can even see the animals underwater – a worldwide unique experience!
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Polar Bears

Polar Bear under water

Our Polar Bears love to splash about in ice-cold water and can jump, dive and swim the whole day long! Come and watch them through the huge underwater windows.
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Free flight aviary for Tropical Birds

Vermilion Flycatcher

Let yourself be surrounded by flocks of birds: Spectacular Tropical Birds of all colours will fly, flap and whir above your heads in our free flight aviary. Encounter more than 50 species in a small rain forest.
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King penguin

King Penguins have been the Wuppertal Zoo's heraldic animal since 1971. These attractive birds are very seldom kept in Zoological Gardens. Our African Penguins live in an outdoor enclosure which very closely resembles their South African habitat.
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